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GSM Door/Window sensor

  • Safeguards and protects when doors and windows

  • Places a phone call and sends text message to your phone

  • Arms via a keychain magnet or an optional hardwired switch

  • Disarms via an incoming telephone call registered phone
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Wireless magnetic security door/window sensor.

POLUS GSM permits you, to configure a wide range of functional features by using our Web Configurator or by downloading our iPhone & Android applications, simply by navigating to the SUPPORT section of our website.


In the event of a triggered alarm (door or window opened), the POLUS GSM will place a call and send text notifications to a phone number of your choice. (up to six phone numbers can be configured)

Can be used at any location where GSM mobile telephone coverage is available: 

* Doors, windows, table and desk drawers, closet doors etc.
* In offices and commercial locations ( office, storage, closet, safe)
* In your automobile, aircraft, boat, RVs etc.
* Barns, sheds etc.


* One wireless GSM magnetic security sensor - POLUS GSM
* One magnet
* One lithium CR123A 3V battery
* One keychain magnet
* Quick Start Guide

The EXPRESS GSM 2 motion detector comes with a one year manufacturer's guarantee. 


polus-gsm     Polus   GSM     User Guide           pdf_icon

Technical specifications of POLUS GSM:

Parameter DescriptionValue
Gap opening required between security sensor & magnet to trigger an alarm 0.3"/8mm
Distance required to restore signal 0.23"/6mm
Minimum distance required to operate the security sensor with the keychain magnet, not more than 33ft/10m
GSM module operating standards GSM 900/1800/1900
Maximum number of telephone numbers to be notified 6
Magnetic security sensor dimensions, do not exceed    (109 x 32 x 27.5 mm) 4.2" x 1.2" x 1"
Time required for notifications 20-40 sec.
Magnet dimensions, do not exceed       (56.5 x 18 x 15.7 mm ) 2.2" x 0.7" x 0.6"
Motion Detector Battery type Lithium CR 123A 3V
Operating temperature range 14/122°F|-10/+50°C
Relative humidity at a temperature of +35°C/95°F without moisture condensation, not to exceed 93%
Continuous uninterrupted operation on a single battery at a temperature of  77 °F /+25°C up to 12 month 
Weight of magnetic security sensor/ magnet, does not exceed  2-0.3 oz / 60 -10 g