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Photo Express E3 PLUS GSM SIRENE

  • Takes a Snapshot and sends it to your e-mail

  • “Night-Vision” Enabled

  • Calls your phone and also sends a text notification

  • Connects to the ear piercing "PRISMA-S" siren (optional)

  • Operates on a 2 AA batteries for up to six month

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Photo Express E3 PLUS
The first device of its kind:  is a unique PIR (passive infrared sensor) motion detector with a built-in snap shot VGA photo camera! 
HOW DOES IT WORK? When the EXPRESS E3 detects movement within the protected zone, it snaps up to two photos of the zone penetrated by the intruder and sends it to your email. The built-in GSM module (Global System for Mobile Communications, originally Groupe Spécial Mobile) sends the alarm to any mobile phone of your choice, sends text alarms to six phone numbers of your choice and triggers the loud wireless siren "PRISMA-S" (included with Photo Express E3 PLUS).A new highly sensitive matrix circuit allows for the device to snap photographs in the dark. You can configure the device by download and install our iPhone & Android software applications by navigating to the SUPPORT section of our website.
Remote Control BN-3S-33V
A three button keychain remote control is used to arm and disarm the device,  (up to six keychain remote controls can be used). 

Can be used at any location where GSM mobile telephone coverage is available: 

  • * In residential premises (homes, hotel rooms, apartments, trailers, garages, etc.)
  • * In offices and commercial locations ( office, storage, closet, safe)
  • * In your automobile, aircraft, boat, etc.
  • * Hunting trail or picnic areas


  • * One Photo EXPRESS E3 motion detector alarm device
  • * One Wireless siren "PRISMA-S
  • * Two AA alkaline LR6 1.5V batteries
  • * One keychain remote controller
  • * Double-sided mounting tape (25x40mm)
  • * Quick Start Guide

* It's important: The customer selects the GSM mobile provider and purchases a SIM card separately!

The Photo EXPRESS E3 comes with a one year manufacturer's guarantee.